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    Heavy rain, sun and hail..!! … All before lunch?

    The British weather is predictably unpredictable as always and if you are reading this all-season tyre article, like us, you may have a slight inclining that buying all-season tyres for the British climate is probably the most logical thing to do. Yes?

    In our experience, 70% of drivers here in the UK stick with the same tyres for over 12 months, therefore not changing them in the winter for improved grip and handling (we strongly advise you to go with the safe option and consider a tyre change). Within these 12 months, tyres can experience all seasons with long periods of wet and icy weather together with very short spells of dry and warmer weather (we never get an Indian summer!).

    So perhaps all weather/season tyres are for peace of mind? For those occasional weeks throughout the autumn and winter months when a little more traction is required? We believe that all-season tyres maybe that perfect compromise, for people who don’t want the hassle of changing to winter tyres and storing a 2nd set in the garage.

    Well then, what all-season tyres to buy? We’re going to introduce you to a range of all season tyres that are on the market and put forward our recommendations.

    Vredestein Quatrac

    Here at Tyremen we are huge fans of Vredestein, who are building a very strong reputation of producing extremely good quality tyres across the whole range from summer tyres, winter tyres and all season.

    The next level Quatrac 5

    We’re not sure how Vredestein have managed to improve on the Quatrac 3 but somehow they did with this 5th generation Quatrac 5, a four season tyre in one.

    The Quatrac 5 features include:

    • Improved grip on ice and snow – Unique winter side with advanced ‘sipe’ technology guarantees better traction. Rapid off the mark and perfect grip when cornering.
    • M&S coding and ‘Three Peak Snowflake’ symbol.
    • Excellent handling in wet and dry – The summer side, with reduced air ratio provides superior handling and steering in wet and dry conditions.
    • Optimised rolling resistance – To give you improved fuel economy and a higher mpg.
    • Long life and extremely quiet

    Price: A mid-premium high performance tyre, ranges from £47 – £140 depending on size

    Common sizes:

    195/65R15 91H

    205/55R16 91V

    225/45R17 94Y

    To see if we have a Quatrac 5 in your size, just enter your tyre size here.

    Hankook Optimo 4S H730

    The Hankook Optimo 4S H730 could be a cost effective choice for a set of tyres suitable for all seasons.

    The hankook Optimo 4s has the following features.

    • Grip – The ability of the rubber compound to adapt to colder conditions gives this tyre good grip and performance in all weathers. However, other than grip, the label ratings aren’t the best.
    • Handling – Provides adequate handling in both summer and winter. A happy compromise if you don’t want two sets of tyres.
    • M&S coding and ‘Three Peak Snowflake’ symbol.
    • Lower rolling resistance than winter tyres helps to save fuel.

    Price: A mid-range high performance tyre, ranges from £63 – £175 depending on size

    Common sizes:

    175/65R14 82T

    185/65R15 88H

    225/50R17 98V

    To see if we have a Hankook Optimo 4S H730 in your size, just enter your tyre size here.

    Michelin CrossClimate – One to watch

    The Michelin CrossClimate tyre. Is this an all season tyre to watch?

    Why are people talking about the Michelin CrossClimate tyre?

    • Grip – Performances that keep you safe in every weather condition.
    • Some say these tyres offer 99% performance of summer tyres in wet braking, dry braking, longevity, & fuel efficiency.
    • Michelin Claim: Michelin say that this tyre will give a 100% of a winter tyres performance in snow traction and braking.
    • M&S coding and ‘Three Peak Snowflake’ symbol

    Prices: A premium high performance tyre, ranges from £50 – £140 depending on size.

    Common sizes:

    205/55R16 94V

    215/60R16 99V

    225/45R17 94W

    225/55R17 101W

    Goodyear Vector Range

    The Vector 4 Seasons range  is a cost effective performance tyre, perfect if you want one set to run all year.

    The Vector 4Seasons tyre features:

    • Grip – The outer tread blocks provide stability during cornering and the inner multi-sipe section provides good grip for all weathers.
    • Excellent year-round performance, control and traction for all road conditions.
    • M&S coding and ‘Three Peak Snowflake’ symbol.
    • A long lasting, quiet tyre making it a greener choice for motorists.

    Prices: A mid-range high performance tyre, ranges from £58 – £167 depending on size.

    Common sizes:

    205/60R16 96V

    225/45R17 94V

    225/55R17 101V

    To see if we have a Vector 4seasons tyre in your size, enter your tyre size here.


    So there you have it, our recommended all-season tyre ranges that are currently on the market. In our opinion, the Hankook Optimo 4S H770, the Goodyear Vector 4seasons and the Michelin CrossClimate will all do the job adequately, with the Hankook and Goodyear providing great value for a summer/winter tyre in one. If you’re looking for more performance then we recommend the award winning Vredestein Quatrac range and in our opinion, the Quatrac 5 is leading the way when it comes to an all-season tyre.

    Happy motoring

    Tyremen Team

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