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    ATV, UTV and Quad bike tyres,

    The world related to the ATV, UTV and Quad bike tyres has grown rapidly of the last couple of years. We as company have seen many brands come and go but the brand which has stuck around due to its popularity is the Duro and the models Buffalo, Red Eagle and K968 Mule Tyres.

    Let us look to see why these tyres are so popular.

    Starting with the Duro DI2010 Buffalo

    The Duro DI2010 Buffalo is the more aggressive of the Duro ATV tyre range, from the start you can see the big deep tread blocks Duro call this the spider tread pattern. The big lugs do provide you with a mass of traction and will allow you to continue on your travels through all terrains. The tread pattern has another key feature, with the tread been so wide and open almost like a traditional tractor tyre this allows the tread to clear of mud. When you look closely at the tyre you will note the block situated almost on the sidewall of the tyres making sure you have great traction on all situations.

    Duro DI2013 Red Eagle tyre this is a little tamer then the Duro Buffalo, Aimed at the working Atv / UTV vehicle. Looking at the solid tread bars, these prove for a more stable ride and enhances the braking capabilities of the tyre. The tyre has wide spacing between the tread block to allow for self-cleaning which enables you to continue with your working day.

    Duro K968 (Mule) tyre is designed and aimed at the Mule market, Mules are workhorses and need a good strong capable tyre, this is where Duro have answered the call. Looking at the tread pattern you can see the close-knit tread pattern almost to the arrangement of the Lawnmower tyre design this is due to the need for the mules to go on to grassed areas and keeps damage to a minimum. You will also see the larger tread block arranged to the shoulder this is for a little rough terrain.

     Duro Power Grip DI2025  A much-asked question, is the Duro a cheap version of the Maxxis Big Horn. The simple answer is yes however this don’t mean they are any less the quality in fact the reports and reviews on these duro Power grip vs the Maxxis big horn are outstanding. There have a striking resemblance to the Maxxis Big horn’s big tread lugs right the way across the tread of the tyre, reports from our customers state better grip, stability and resistance to punctures. Price wise the Duro Power Grip can be up to 15% cheaper than the Bighorn.

    After looking at this range of tyres I have noted they are missing a vital product, the all-round knobbly tyre so I have added the section from the kenda range.

    The kenda Scorpion K290  tyre is a world known brand and has been part of our regular sales for many years, this tyre speak for its self “knobbly” yes its covered in lots of nobbles. This design ensures maximum performance in all-terrains and with a strengthened casing helps to protect you against punctures. The kends Scorpion is fitted as standard to many quad and ATV bikes.

    So there you go, the range above covers you for all your needs will it be Farming work, or just for fun we have a tyre for you. As the world of ATV is changing we may be missing some sizes so if you can’t see your size/sizes please feel free to give our very experienced team a call on 01482 505526

    Thanks for taking the time to view this.

    Kind regards Agricultural tyres online.

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