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    Continental TS860

    Fans of the Continental TS850, are fans for a reason, they are a fantastic winter tyre! Continental maybe about to do something stupid or amazing.

    The Continental TS850 has been our bestselling winter tyre for the last 3 years, this fantastic winter tyre has won 47 winter tyre tests, ran by the trade press and car clubs across Europe, making this tyre one of Continental’s most successful winter tyres. For winter 2016/2017, Continental are going to release in the UK, the new TS860 winter tyre. This will replace the TS850!! Bonkers you may be thinking, why would you replace a tyre that has been so successful? As many manufactures are reaching for greatness in the winter tyre world, continental will not be caught sleeping.

    They have come up with this as the next great tyre the TS860.

    Boasting improvement on an already fantastic winter tyre. The biggest and impressive feature is the braking. When braking on wet wintry roads the TS860 will perform 5% better than the TS850, equally as impressive on ice in which braking distances are improved by 4%. Figures 4% & 5% may not look massive but this improvement on a multi award-winning tyre is fantastic. The test show the millage and rolling resistance to be the same as the TS850.

    These improvements are made possible by the use of the new Cool Chilli compound; the compound has a high silica content, which reduces braking distances due to its damping characteristics. Other new technology continental use is a special high performance resin that maintains the flexibility of the compound at extremely low temperatures. To improve the water drainage even more, continental have develop what they call “Liquid Layer Drainage”. This is a drainage channel, which is moulded into the tread block giving fast water dispersion.

    Said to be released in the autumn of 2016, the size range is not massive, only giving 21 sizes in 14” to 17”. The label data scores now are C for rolling resistance and B for wet grip.

    Update 13/10/2016

    Winter tyre test Continental TS860

    Update 07/06/2016 Sizes available.

    155/65R14 75T WinterContact TS 860
    165/65R14 79T WinterContact TS 860
    165/65R15 81T WinterContact TS 860
    165/70R14 81T WinterContact TS 860
    165/70R14 85T XL WinterContact TS 860
    175/60R15 81T WinterContact TS 860
    175/65R14 82T WinterContact TS 860
    175/70R14 84T WinterContact TS 860
    185/55R15 86H XL WinterContact TS 860
    185/60R14 82T WinterContact TS 860
    185/60R15 84T WinterContact TS 860
    185/60R15 88T XL WinterContact TS 860
    185/65R14 86T WinterContact TS 860
    185/65R15 88T WinterContact TS 860
    185/65R15 92T XL WinterContact TS 860
    195/55R15 85H WinterContact TS 860
    195/55R16 87H WinterContact TS 860
    195/60R15 88H WinterContact TS 860
    195/60R15 88T WinterContact TS 860
    195/65R15 91H WinterContact TS 860
    195/65R15 91T WinterContact TS 860
    195/65R15 95T XL WinterContact TS 860
    205/55R16 91H FR WinterContact TS 860
    205/55R16 91T WinterContact TS 860
    205/55R16 94H XL WinterContact TS 860
    205/55R16 94V XL WinterContact TS 860
    205/65R15 94H WinterContact TS 860
    205/65R15 94T WinterContact TS 860
    215/55R16 93H WinterContact TS 860
    215/55R16 97H XL WinterContact TS 860
    225/45R17 91H FR WinterContact TS 860
    225/45R17 94H XL FR WinterContact TS 860
    225/45R17 94V XL FR WinterContact TS 860
    225/50R17 98H XL FR WinterContact TS 860
    225/50R17 98V XL FR WinterContact TS 860

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