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    We all have got up to go to work or to do that important task to only find we have a flat tyre! Many of our customers think that’s it I need to buy a new tyre, and how much is that going to cost? £50, £60 an expense we could all do without right? The majority of the time your tyre can be repaired and will be as good as new and sadly, other times you will need a new tyre.

    So what makes a tyre unrepairable?

    1. Many people will notice they have a puncture but only seems to deflate 10psi per week and just keep topping up the pressure in the tyre. This can be very dangerous and not very good for prolonging the life of the tyre. Due to the tyre been underinflated for a long time will cause the tyre to wear in a non-normal way under inflation will make to centre of the tyre dip in and the weight of the vehicle will run on the shoulders making your tyre wear out the shoulders faster than the centre.

    Why is this dangerous?

    Running your tyres vastly under pressure can also cause the tyre to tear up on the inside exposing the inner cord / construction of the tyre. Making the overall structure weak and in extreme cases causing the tyre to blister which can be seen on the sidewall of the tyre. Blistering is very bad and will lead to a blowout.

    The dreaded nail, screw, bolt and even keys.

    The size of an object that has penetrated the tyre is very important, as we use 6mm plug to ensure a good tight seal wounds with a bigger diameter then 5-6mm are classed, as unrepairable, bolts and flint tend to cause this problem!

    The position of the offending object.

    The more central the object the better. The closer you get to the shoulder chances of repair gets slimmer. Punctures on the shoulders of the tyre will not be repaired this is because the patch will lap over onto the sidewall of the tyre and due to the amount of flexing the sidewall endures this will not allow the patch to stay in it position resulting in a deflated tyre once more. This unfortunately means you will need to purchase a new tyre.

    Therefore, if you think you have a puncture or know you have! Please bring it over for us to take a look the cost of a repair and rebalance is only £17.50. 01482 328800

    Stay safe Tyremen.

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    Tyremen’s local success has been down to our friendly team of tyre experts who offer friendly, honest advice and supply great quality products at discount prices. These values extend to our online operation where our team of Internet sales staff will process orders quickly. If you need to contact us, whether it is by phone or e-mail we will offer a professional service and offer any advice that is needed. All of our sales staff have many years of wheel and tyre experience and will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. Our site offers access to thousands of tyres and wheels from quality manufacturers.

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