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    Are Winter Tyres Any Good?

    The simple answer is yes.

    Winter car tyres, also known as snow tyres or cold weather tyres, perform better in temperatures under 7°C.

    This is because of two main reasons:

    1. The compound of the tyres
    When temperatures falls below 7°C the rubber on normal tyres becomes stiff. This results in a loss of performance and grip. Winter tyres are made from softer rubber which remains flexible at lower temperatures. This means you experience no loss of performance and more grip than with a standard tyre.

    2. The tread pattern of the tyres
    Winter tyres have a more aggressive looking tread pattern than summer tyres. They have more sipes (all the wiggly lines) which allows the tyres to grip and stop faster. This is especially true in the snow, slush and ice which can clog up the sipes on a summer tyre.

    The result of these two changes is a huge improvement in performance and safety.

    A car, with winter tyres, travelling at 60mph on a wet 6°C day will stop 4.8 meters shorter than a if it had summer tyres.

    What about using winter tyres in the summer?

    Driving on winter tyres in the summer is legal but not recommended. As winter tyres are made from softer rubber they don’t perform as well on summer road conditions. They will also wear quicker than normal tyres in warmer temperatures.

    Should I buy winter tyres and wheels?

    During the winter, roads are treated with salt and grit to help with traction in snowy and icy conditions. This salt and grit can damage expensive alloy wheels, shortening their lifespan and stopping them looking their best. Check out our selection of winter wheels here.

    What Other Customers Think

    “After reading a lot of winter tyre reviews online I decided some Conti Wintercontact TS 850 were what I needed for my Nissan Juke. Up in the Lake District we get a lot of bad weather over the winter so I wanted some quality tyres that I knew would keep me and my family safe on the road. The tyres’ grip has been excellent whenever it has been snowy or icey and they are wearing well too. Investing in winter tyres was a great move and I now get to laugh at all the people who didn’t and can’t get up the hills whenever more than 1 inch of snow falls.” Jenny – Kendal, Cumbria

    “Looking at reviews and uk prices of Goodyear winter tyres I decided to buy some UltraGrip 9 MS. I got them fitted at my local garage who I trust and they perform so well on my BMW. I’m confident driving with them even in wintery and icy conditions.” Claire – Glasgow

    “After reading some Vredestein tyres reviews I decided to give them a go. I ordered a set of ‘Wintrac Xtreme S’ winter tyres and the mechanics at Eco Tyres Arbroath fitted them that week. The process was easy and my car should be ready for winter now.” Fiona – Arbroath, Angus

    Buy Winter Tyres from Tyremen

    Buying winter tyres online from Tyremen is quick and easy. Pick the tyre that is right for you and then select from the following options at checkout:

    • Get your new tyres fitted at our network of local fitting centres
    • Get your new tyres delivered to any address in the UK

    Our checkout process is secure & simple to use and we can answer any questions you have via our LiveChat website feature or over the telephone.

    We hold stock of a wide selection of the best winter tyres. To find the model that is correct for your car use the blue search bar at the top of this page or choose one of our recommended winter tyre models below.

    Recommended Winter Tyres Models

    Our Services

    Tyremen’s local success has been down to our friendly team of tyre experts who offer friendly, honest advice and supply great quality products at discount prices. These values extend to our online operation where our team of Internet sales staff will process orders quickly. If you need to contact us, whether it is by phone or e-mail we will offer a professional service and offer any advice that is needed. All of our sales staff have many years of wheel and tyre experience and will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. Our site offers access to thousands of tyres and wheels from quality manufacturers.

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