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    Number One Supplier In The UK For K.O.M Spare Wheels


    The DVSA “Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency” requires vehicles more then 3 years old to have an MOT. The MOT ensures that at the time of the MOT been carried out is fit for purpose and if any faults are found which result in a failure will need to be fix before the MOT can be passed. Tyremen can offer Class 4 and Class 7 MOT’S.

    Class 4 MOT is suitable for cars, small Vans & Motorhomes up to 3000kgs.
    Class 7 MOT’S are for commercial vehicles weighing between 3000kgs and 3500kgs gross weight.

    So, as you can see Tyremen can MOT most vehicles on the road.


    Keeping up with your vehicles service schedule is particularly important to ensure your vehicle runs as it should, and not to mention a car or van with a full-service history is worth more than one without.

    Services come in three steps and include different checks and changes they are as follows.

    Interim service, includes oil and oil filter change along with some essential checks some of these are checking if your breaks are in good condition, Cambelt condition and toping up fluids etc…
    Full Service, this includes Oil filter, Air filter and Oil change. The full service includes the checks above but with a few more in-depth inspections, along the lines of coolant system check leaks etc… checking the auxiliary drive belts for cracks.
    Major Service, Entails Engine Oil, Oil filter, Air Filter, Pollen Filter, brake fluid if needed. Along with a full health check.

    If you are not sure give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.

    SERVICES | MOT – Book Online Now!

    Enter your registration to book your MOT, Service, Brake inspection & much more at our Hull Depot. If you need to contact us, whether it is by phone or e-mail we will offer a professional service and offer any advice that is needed.

    Wheel Alignment

    Wheel alignment or tracking is often something people overlook as a non-essential part of maintenance, but in fact is especially important if you wish to get your money’s worth from your tyres. Tyremen has the most up to date wheel alignment equipment which allow us to perform 2 way and 4-way alignment.

    The big tell tail sign of mis-aligned wheels is uneven tread ware “waring more on one side of the tyre then the other”. Also, your wheel alignment must be redone if any part of the steering system is been replaced or adjusted.


    your brakes must be seen as the most important part on your vehicle after all they stop you! Servicing your front and rear brake can save you a lot of money down the line, one of the biggest mistake people can make is running their brake pads down to were there is no braking material left resulting in damage to their brake discs when this could have been avoided by changing the pads before there were at this point.

    Signs of problems:

    loud squeal when pressing the brake pedal.
    Vibration through the steering wheel when pressing the brake pedal.
    Burning smell or your wheel is covered in brake dust more than the others.
    If you have any problems at all, please book an appointment.


    these can be perfect one moment and the other make a terrible racket, we can supply and replace any part of your exhaust system. As the build quality gets better exhaust are lasting a lot longer than they used to. But if yours fails please do not hesitate to contact us or book via our online system here.

    Number Plates

    Rules change from time to time and it may be a surprise to when your vehicle goes for an MOT and it fails on a mis spaced lettering of your registration plate sadly this will result in you having to replace your plates with new ones with the correct spacing, also cracked, and broken plates may fail to. Tyremen can make new registration plates on site if you have the correct information and proof of ownership.

    Our Services

    Tyremen’s local success has been down to our friendly team of tyre experts who offer friendly, honest advice and supply great quality products at discount prices. These values extend to our online operation where our team of Internet sales staff will process orders quickly. If you need to contact us, whether it is by phone or e-mail we will offer a professional service and offer any advice that is needed. All of our sales staff have many years of wheel and tyre experience and will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. Our site offers access to thousands of tyres and wheels from quality manufacturers.

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