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    Number One Supplier In The UK For K.O.M Spare Wheels

    So that’s it, winter’s almost over and your thoughts have turned to far away places, like Bridlington or Scarborough……or even the South of France, time to get the motorhome ready! (We love Bridlington and Scarborough)

    You’ve checked the water tanks, the gas bottles, the clean pots and pans, even had the chemical toilet cleaned! Now, what about the wheels and tyres? After all, it’s been parked up for a few months and not really gone anywhere and you’re itching to go.

    Most come with commercially rated wheels and tyres and can suffer during periods off the road. Before you even move, check the condition of the tyres and the pressures, you’ll often be surprised by how much air they can lose. Check the side walls for cracks and bubbling. A blow out when you start moving isn’t good, and most of all, check the spare tucked away underneath, this is the one that a lot of people forget.

    Please click HERE for a PDF leaflet from our friends at giving a comprehensive guide.

    Ducato Motorhome

    So you’ve checked everything and looked at your standard wheels and tyres, all good.

    But as motorhomes have started to come in various designs and colour schemes, do your steel wheels with wheel trims make it look at its best?

    There are several options out there, but the key thing to remember is that the wheels must be commercially rated to take the load. Only a few years ago all that you could have hoped for was black or silver steel wheels, but now, wheels come rated up to 1250kg giving a total of 5000kg for the vehicle.

    New for this season, and rated up to 1250kg per wheel, is the Scorpion wheel. Coming in silver and stunning graphite, it will make any motorhome stand out from the crowd!

    Scorpion 16inch MotorhomeScorpion Graphite 16inch Motorhome

    The Scorpion comes in 16″ and is great for the Fiat Ducato or Citreon  conversions. Wheels for Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeout, Renault, Toyota, Vauxhall and Volkswagen range in sizes from 16″ to 20″.

    Tyremen have supplied wheels to local company, Kingston Campers for their VW T5 conversions, like to picture below.


    Well that’s the information on how to make a great motorhome or camper look superb, but what else do you need to do?

    Is it the correct tyre? It’s easy to look at the right size, but it might not be rated correctly. As a rule, tyres for motorhomes and campers cost a little more as they are constructed to cope with the weight. The average motorhome will need around 900kg per corner giving around 3600kg total weight. Not really surprising when you look at what goes into the build and then everything you need for your holiday.

    The tyre should come marked with a ‘C’ after the rim size, i.e. 215/70R15CP, this shows you that it is commercially rated to take the weights.


    Tyre pressures need to be kept correct on all tyres as the shift in weight can unbalance the vehicle, a shift in pressure will put the other tyres under strain and you risk damaging them. You should check these whilst they are cold as this will give you an accurate reading.

    Regular checks on the side walls, particularly when the vehicle has been stood for a period of time, is essential. Check for cracks, deterioration and bubbles in the rubber, and when possible, cover the tyres to protect them from direct sunlight.

    When you park your vehicle up over winter, try to lift the wheels off the floor, keep the pressure on the tyres to a minimum. This will improve your mpg, the vehicles handling, but equally as important, you’ll get more miles from your tyres.

    Of course, there are the hardened ones amongst you that run and use your vehicles all year round, after all, they come with superb heating and all you could need.

    It is highly recommended that you fit winter tyres if you are going to use your motorhome and travel to the continent. In some countries it is a legal requirement to fit winter tyres. Take a look at our page for motorhome and commercial vehicle cold weather and winter tyres HERE we think you’ll find it very informative.

    We are also happy to tell you that our partner,

    Thanks for reading this blog and we hope you found it useful. If you have, please leave a comment below for others to benefit from your experience.

    Need any more information or advice on which wheels and tyres to fit? Call the friendly team at Tyremen on 01482 505526

    Thanks for reading and enjoy your trips away!

    Tyremen Team

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