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    Number One Supplier In The UK For K.O.M Spare Wheels

    We offer both alloy wheels and alloy wheel and tyre packages, for important safety reasons these must be fitted to the vehicle correctly. If you buy wheels only then please ensure they are fitted by a company with alloy wheel fitting experience who will be able to ensure that this is done correctly.

    If you buy a wheel and tyre package then we will supply the items fitted and balanced and ready to secure onto the vehicle. If you are going to do this yourself then you may find the following information helpful. If you are unsure in any way then please contact us or get a local specialist to fit them for you.

    We will have supplied wheels that our manufacturers list as being suitable for your vehicle with the appropriate fitting kit, there are some things that you must check to ensure that they fit and have been supplied correctly.

    Before fitting tyres on all aftermarket wheels you MUST check…

    • The stud/bolt hole pattern is correct
    • That the alloy wheel fits freely on to the hub without interference, and that there are no screws, rivets or retaining clips which may interfere with a firm flat location of the hub against the wheel mounting face.
    • That the alloy wheel rotates freely and truly on both front and rear hubs
    • When fastened to the hub, that no part of the wheel can make contact with the brake drums or callipers; or any other part of the steering or suspension.

    Check Nuts/Bolts: Correct fitting is vital

    Some of our wheels will require new nuts/bolts and spigot rings, if these have been supplied then they must be used. Other wheels in the range are designed to use the original manufacturer’s nuts/bolts, if this is the case then additional fixings will not be supplied and this fact will be noted on the item description. If you do not receive a fitting kit in your delivered consignment and don’t see a note on the item description stating that wheels are designed to take the original bolts then please contact us before trying to fit them as this important accessory may have been lost in transit!

    In addition to this you MUST check…

    • That the thread is correct (fits nuts/bolts without alloy wheels)
    • That the nut/bolt location seating is correct
    • That the stud length is adequate for a minimum of 5 full turns and not too long as to permit bottoming of the stud in the nut or that the thread penetration of the bolt protrudes through the hub housing to cause damage to internal brake or hub components
    • That the threads are rust free, and not over lubricated
    • If spigot rings are supplied then these must be inserted into the back of the wheel to centralise it onto the hub. Please check that the ring fits snugly into the back of the wheel and likewise is a good fit onto the hub, there should be no play when you try to lift the wheel up once it has been sat onto the hub

    Finally Check:

    • That the alloy wheel and tyre assembly does not contact any part of the suspension, body work or internal hub components (brakes, sensors etc) by carrying out full bump and lock to lock tests as well as a full visual inspection of the back / hub section of the alloy wheel fixing assembly before driving away from the fitting bay
    • We would also recommend that after a period of around 20miles that you check the tightness of the nuts/bolts as they may require a period of bedding in.

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    Call us on 01482 505526.

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    Tyremen’s local success has been down to our friendly team of tyre experts who offer friendly, honest advice and supply great quality products at discount prices. These values extend to our online operation where our team of Internet sales staff will process orders quickly. If you need to contact us, whether it is by phone or e-mail we will offer a professional service and offer any advice that is needed. All of our sales staff have many years of wheel and tyre experience and will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. Our site offers access to thousands of tyres and wheels from quality manufacturers.

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