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17" Toyota Auris 2015 > 2018 - Space saver Spare Wheel Kit

17" Toyota Auris 2015 > 2018 - Space saver Spare Wheel Kit

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RH092 The RoadHero space saver spare wheel kit - offers reassurance for drives who have bought a vehicle without a spare wheel which is also known as a skinny or a temporary spare wheel. Image is for illustration purpose only. Were you have a 4 or 5 stud wheel please be confident we will send you the correct wheel kit for your Toyota Auris 2015 > 2018. What you will receive is the correct Aluminium space saver spare wheel for your selected vehicle which is an Toyota Auris 2015 > 2018. The wheel will have a tyre fitted ready for use and the size will be 125/80/17. Along with a Suitable scissor jack, Wheel wrench, kneeling pad, Gloves, Hi-Vis top, head lamp and water proof poncho. All this is accompanied by a storage bag for the wheel and one for all the accessory’s as seen in the images. Top Tip! - Don’t get confused by the difference in wheel or tyre sizes as we have this covered. Some wheels can be different by 2”, this is only a temporary measure to get you home safely or to the nearest garage.

For Tyre Fitting at our Hull Depot, only add tyres to the cart and head to the check out where we will calculate fitting costs.

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