At Tyremen we love performance cars, so when we get to talk about tyres for these were in our element. Over the last couple of years things have changed and we have been quite out spoken regarding Label data, I have seen a change in the way these A rated tyre have been brought to the market and the way, customers are taking to it.

The new Vredestein Ultrac Satin,

This is the first A rated tyre from Vredestein. For many years Vredestein have made test winning tyres and the most successful of the performance range was the Ultrac Sessanta and the very popular size of 225/40R18 92Y, back in the day these won many test provided by Auto express, beating the popular Goodyear Eagle F1 on a few occasions. Granted this is going back a couple of years but still this tyre is as popular now as it was then, Looking at the label data on this tyre is not great to be honest C for wet grip and F for fuel. The below average ratings do not reflect the popularity of the Sessanta. Now Vredestein have produced a new Ultra performance tyre the Ultrac Satin, which has a wet grip grade of A throughout the range. We predict this to be a top seller to match the success of the Sessanta.

Now on to a couple of the big boy’s.

Starting with Continental Sportcontact 6, this new SportContac tyre has A rated wet grip data and lot of new technology thrown in for good measure. Continentals “Black Chili” Compounds, Promoted as New Micro Flexibility Compound. This technology improves the tyres ability to have maximum traction driving and under braking in both the wet and the dry. “Force Vectoring” this is to enhance the stability of the tyre in fast cornering, by improving the inner and outer tread pattern and using the “Macro Block Design” this keeps you safe in all manoeuvres. And finally the “Aralon350” promoted as, Adaptive Hybrid Cap Ply an addition for vehicles which are capable of speeds up to  217mph/350km/h this controls tyre growth at high speeds. A very exciting tyre.

Pirelli Pzero Corsa, dubbed as the road tyre that is capable of track use, and looking at the tread pattern it looks like an intermediate tyre waiting to be fitted to an F1 car. A rated wet grip label data and pretty bad fuel economy. I would imagine if you are thinking or purchasing these tyres, you do not have the most economical car out there. This tyre is purely for the driver, mainly built for maximum grip under braking and acceleration. Fantastic tyre.

Michelin Pilot Super sport

Been a Michelin performance product, we come to expect the best. The Super Sport is just that, this tyres has been produced using the 15 years of consecutive Le Mans 24 Victories. Also developed in conjunction with BMW M, Porsche and Ferrari. Here it the technology explained. The Super sport is fitted with Twaron Belt this ensures greater stability and distributes forces more evenly.  Dual Compound Technology, this is a distribution of two different rubber compounds between the inner and outside of the tread. Outside tread carbon black elastomer the very same used in the Le Mans 24 hour race this is to give the tyre extreme endurance in the tightest of corners.  Inner side a wet grip compound which gives the tyre the ability to mould its self to the road and in return, the tyre can break the wet film making full contact with the road surface.

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