Tyremen have been supplying wheels for motorhomes both in our retail site and via the internet for several years now. We are always bringing the newest and best products to the market and lead the way in terms of cost, quality and service.

But, when it comes to motorhomes, you either get four or six wheels and that’s the way we have sold sets. But now, a lot of new vehicles and those not so new that are filtering into the pre-owned market place, never came with a spare wheel. Just an adequate puncture kit.

So as our reputation has grown and we are established as the leading independent supplier of wheels, we are now able to supply steel wheels in any combination from one to seven, for a spare or just a full set.

For most Fiat, Citroën, Renault, Vauxhall and Peugeot conversions, whether they are the standard of maxi variations, the wheels are predominately 15” or 16”. This is a good thing as it enables suppliers to make plenty of them and this keeps the cost down.

The point of the tag axle is to increase the GVW (gross vehicle weight) to something in the region of 4500kg. This is great for extra facilities inside, like a good sized fixed bed or shower room. But then wheels become an issue. You can buy alloys that are weight rated without question, but six and a spare before tyres and you’re starting to look at a minimum of £850.

Most retailers have wheels in sets, four is standard, six unusual, and seven including a spare, very rare. But steel wheels, well, you buy these in any combination you request.

But you’ll be wanting to know if there is any benefits in steel rather than alloy, after all, alloy wheels look better. You’re right, they do, but not everyone wants alloy wheels. Some owners would just like a good quality, cost effective and strong wheel that will take a standard tyre that will be available where ever you go on your travels and is easy to maintain and replace if required.

Steel wheels are very strong and resistant to damage, a little scuff won’t make a lot of difference, but on an alloy, it will. With four in the 15” at £75 each and £85 for a 16”, the steel option starts to make good sense. Then fit them out with a set nice wheel trims, and you’re good to go.

Ok, but you bought your motorhome pre-owned and it came with really nice alloys, but you need a spare! Good luck finding a dealer that will split a set of alloys for you. They won’t do it, and usually neither do we; because it’s very hard to sell on three alloys. So that’s when we can provide you with a steel wheel and compatible tyre, usually the same as you already have on. For around £215 delivered, its ready to fix underneath and away you go, just don’t forget to check it along with the others.

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