About Goodyear Tyres

All Goodyear’s tyres are designed to give excellent traction and performance. They also aim to provide long treadwear so your tyres will last longer than with other brands.

Goodyear focus on quality & performance and use a 360° Quality Test approach with every tyre they produce. This includes:

  • Completing standardised EU testing and labelling
  • Assessment by Europe’s top automotive organisations against 15 key performance criteria
  • Goodyear engineers’ 50 internal tests

Goodyear winter tyres go through even more rigorous testing. This ensures their performance in ice, snow and other winter conditions is second to none.

Since they created their first tyres in 1898, Goodyear have always been innovating. Some highlights are:

  • They made the world’s first detachable tyre in 1904
  • Put the first tyres on the moon in 1971
  • In 1997 they were the first tyre brand to win 350 Formula 1 races

More recently they have introduced EfficientGrip Performance tyres with A-rated wet grip performance. These tyres won 11 awards in magazine tyre tests, including five first places.

What Other Customers Think

“i was looking for some cheap goodyear tyres and found some efficientgrip performance 91v that fit the bill. i’ve now had them on my car a few months and they are brilliant. plenty of grip and less road noise than the tyres i had before.”
Paul – York, Yorkshire

“I bought some Goodyear run flat tyres from Tyremen 6 weeks ago and the service & tyres have both been excellent. Goodyear is a brand I trust and I have recently recommended the same tyres to a friend. He got a flat on his way home and had a wait for an hour at the side of the road for help. With run flat tyres this just wouldn’t have happened.”
Brendan – London

“Looking at reviews and uk prices of Goodyear winter tyres I decided to buy some UltraGrip 9 MS. I got them fitted at my local garage who I trust and they perform so well on my BMW. I’m confident driving with them even in wintery and icy conditions.”
Claire – Glasgow

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