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HEYNER® Premium Scissor Jack Stand 1T

HEYNER® Premium Scissor Jack Stand 1T

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HEYNER® Premium Jack Stand 1 ton • suitable for small cars up to luxury class with a total weight of up to 1.6 t • robust rotatable rubber pad/saddle with 4mm metal core (ca. 35x50mm) • lifting range: 250- 348 mm • weight: about 1,7 kg only • incl. storage bag • can be used with 17mm socket • heavy duty quality for usage up to -50°C • excellent handling and stability • stable driving rod with a handle Weight: 1.7kg Dimensions: 420x90x104mm EAN: 4028224347158 Min. Lifting Height: 250mm Max. Lifting Height: 348mm Band: HEYNER® Germany

For Tyre Fitting at our Hull Depot, only add tyres to the cart and head to the check out where we will calculate fitting costs.

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